Kratom info

Kratom powder is made from the leaves of the kratom tree ( Mitragyna speciosa). The tree comes from the same family of the cofee tree (Rubiaceae). The kratom tree is found in Southeast Asia predominantly in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
Kratom has a host of uses and benefits. Generally speaking kratom is stimulating at low doses and sedating at high dosage. There are 3 types of Kratom strains: Red strains, green strains and white strains. and each type has a slightly different alkaloid composition which gives each kratom type a different set of benefits.

Some disorders that kratom can be beneficial to


Kratom is widely recognised for it’s analgesic (sedative) properties. Many people use kratom for pain relief treatment. If you suffer from pain from cystic Fybrosis, Arthritis, Neurpahtic pains, joint dysfuctions and many more you could consider trying Kratom relieve pain.
Strains to use for pain relief
Especially the red strains seem to be beneficial in pain treatment, although also green vein kratoms such as Green Malay are known for their pain relief properties.

Sleeping problems

If taken in the right way and at the right dosage kratom can help with sleeping disorders. Note that if one uses kratom for sleeping problems one should take a higher dosage.
Strains to use for sleeping disorders
The Red vein Borneo and Red Sumatra seem to be the best strains to aid sleeping disorders, the sedating properties of these strains are stronger then in most other strains (including the Red Thai strains!!).

Stress, depression, negative thoughts, anxiety

Kratom can be especially beneficial to fight stress, anxiety and depression. If taken in small to moderate dosage it will help to fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety, thoughts become more positive and people feel a sense of wellbeing.
Strains to use to fight stress and depression
It seems that especially the green strains help to fight these phenomena. Green Malay, green Thai and green Vein Borneo all have a mix of uplifting and sedating alkaloids that are beneficial for these cases.

Low energy, apathy

Kratom can help to give more energy and lift a feeling of apathy and tiredness. To fight these feelings it is recommended to take small a small dosage of 4 to 6 gram of kratom.
Strains to use for low energy and apathy
The white strains are the strains of choice to increase energy and drive. But even the red and green veins could fuel energy. White Sumatra, Green Malay and Red Thai can be good strains to try if one wants to fight low energy and tiredness.