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Our Red Thai is not harvested and grown in Thailand but is harvested and grown in Kalimantan, close to the border of Sarawak. (see below for further product information).

Effects and dosage

Relaxing, sedating and quite euphoric and energetic;

Effects last from 3 up to 6 hours.
Dosage: around 4 to 7 grams.

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Product Description

Our Red vein Thai is not harvested and grown in Thailand but is harvested and grown in near the border of Sarawak in Kalimantan. Red vein Thai (Maeng Da) is a strong kratom that has slightly different properties compared to the other red kratom strains. Red Thai is quite sedating but does also quite strong euphoric and uplifting properties in it’s spectrum of effects. Especially when taken in light dosage it might give an energetic feeling while in the same time you will feel relaxed. When taken in higher quantities (7 gram up for most people) the sedating effects will shine through.
Red Thai also does have analgesic effects and this effect can be strong in a higher dosage.

Effects mostly last around 5 hours (between 4 to 6 hours)

This kratom is good to use for instance in the afternoon or evening when you are at home and want a relaxed quiet and nice evening with your loved one (or alone of course). It’s a good kratom for people who suffer from restlessness and who have a hard time relaxing. Low dosages can give energy too and some people like to use this red Thai before work. People suffering from chronic pain for instance arthritis can also use this strain for it’s analgesic properties. Red Thai can even be beneficial for people who have a hard time falling asleep.

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