Some definitions/descriptions

1) “The product” This consists entirely of Kratom. kratom is made from the leaves of the “Mitragyna speciosa”, a tree that grows mainly in Southeast Asia.
2) “The buyer or purchaser”. This is a natural or legal person who, by virtue of an agreement acts as purchaser and / or purchaser of the product.
3) “The seller”: This is who by virtue of agreement acts as the seller of the produkt
4) “de overeenkomst”:de overeenkomst gemaakt tussen de koper en de verkoper tot verkoop en/of (af)levering van het produkt waarbij verkoper als verkoper en/of leverancier optreedt, daaronder begrepen alle daarmee samenhangende (af)leveringen, werkzaamheden en dergelijke.

Countries excepted from delivery

There are a number of coutries we do not ship to for legal reasons. These include, Finland, Myanmar, Norway, Russia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland and Thailand. We do not ship to these countries, because of local or legal rules and/or customs restrictions.

Terms and conditions

1) Age of the buyer; the buyer of the product should be 18 years or older.

2) Using the product; The product purchased by the buyer is not meant for human consumption. Human consumption of the product is regarded as misuse of the product

3) Abuse or misuse of the product; The seller is not responsible for health damage or any other (material or immaterial) damage to the buyer resulting from misuse or abuse of the product.

4) Risk of loss of the product during shipping; The seller cannot be held responsible if a product is seized by the customs authorities of the country where the product has been sent. Knowledge of the local rules and laws and any (import) restrictions that apply to the product are the sole responsibility of the buyer. The risk of loss of the product shall revert to the buyer at the time of purchase of the product.

5) Refuse to sell; The seller ( reserves the right to make an agreement with any purchaser or prospective purchaser for the following reasons (also after a sale has been made and things between seller and purchaser go wrong).

1) The seller has been treated disrespectfully by the purchaser or the seller has the presumption that the purchaser has not been honest to the seller
2) the relationship between the buyer and seller are disrupted.
3) Custom restrictions for the import of kratom have come into play in the country of the purchaser whereas previously kratom could be imported in that country free of restrictions.

6) Shipping; The seller will make every reasonable effort to deliver the product in time to the buyer. The buyer will receive a message during the checkout process if there will be a delay in delivery (eg insufficient product in stock). Furthermore, the seller can not be held responsible for a delay.

7) Return and refund, Return of the product delivered is not possible because of the nature of the product, reimbursement is unfortunately not possible.